Revive Beauty Salon

Trying to develop a good concept into a successful small business is hard. Trying to do it and deal with the ever more complex world of HMRC, PAYE & RTI, VAT etc etc is next to impossible without the right help.

Thankfully we now have the assistance of Amanda and her team at AJC Accounting.They are always available to give practical advice, in language we can understand, in a friendly and helpful way. We see her not only as a trusted advisor – using her business acumen to be candid about when we should and shouldn’t do something – but also as an extension to our team.

We would highly recommend AJC to any business.


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David Carney

I would like to thank you for your cooperation and time in getting my accounts back on track after my previous accountant became ill and had everything registered to himself which I couldn’t even gain access to the online tax system to pay my tax. I appreciate the difficulty and hard work in getting my accounts in order due to the backlog of work involved.

DGC Consulting Ltd, Leeds

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Richmond Asset Finance

AJC Accounting keep a proactive approach to our accountancy and taxation affairs. They give quality advice and explain the financial issues in language that we can understand! They provide an efficient, prompt and friendly service at reasonable rates, in fact we have paid our fees upfront in the knowledge we receive an excellent service. We would definitely recommend them.



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Tonic Beauty Salon

Well I don’t really know where to start with this as there is so much I would like to cover but I will try, as I feel reading this will help you decide if AJC Accounting is for you and your business.

I have owned my salon almost 8 years now and many businesses I hear say that the recession is the worst thing to hit their business, not me, 8 years ago a client (Amanda Clarke) quickly became somebody that myself and other colleagues would turn to for advice and she never failed to deliver the information sought.

Then 3.5 years ago disaster struck, my then accountant (name withheld) vanished, and my salon was destroyed overnight by flood from the above property, I had nobody and nowhere to turn, or so i thought………..

As always within a phone call asking how I was there was Amanda Clarke with the advice and help I needed and I realised very quickly that this was the person who could help me salvage my business.

I quickly appointed AJC Accounting as my accountant and things started to move forward, the advice as always was second to none and none of the rigid advice either if my business was not going to survive I trusted her opinion enough to know that she would be the one (NOT THE BANKS) that would truthfully advise me.

Approx 12 months ago we met for coffee and catch up on progression and the long haul it had been to get to that day and towel in hand, I had had enough and was waiting from the nod from Amanda as I felt sure she too would be giving me the nod that I had dreaded, but no at this point she advised that whilst things were still hard (but not dire) there now is a recession and the salon is going from strength to strength a sign that things have not only picked up and got back to normal (ie prior flood) but that things were in fact bigger and better than before.

Today August 2011 my business is amazing, all the advice was clear and precise, honest and spoken in a way I understood to pass to others that I too needed to communicate with, the best thing is I gained a life long friend someone I can trust with anything afterall if I trust AJC Accounting with my business and my livelihood I would trust Amanda Clarke with any aspect of my life.

If you want a suit and a table, a strict 1 hour fee appointment slot your looking in the wrong place, if you want to feel comfortable and trust what you hear and understand where you are heading then AJC Accounting is definitely the warm and friendly business that will help your business.

Thanks Amanda i know without you TONIC would no longer be here.

Jenny Derham, Horsforth

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